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As part of our caring for our community strategy we offer a level one qualification in Mental Health & Wellbeing.
This qualification is suitable for learner’s aged 16 and above. There are no specific prior qualifications needed to access this qualification and it can be delivered in a wide variety of educational settings. It is designed for learners with an interest in developing knowledge of their own and others’ wellbeing, perhaps with a view to continuing in Further Education.
Since March 2018 we have delivered over 400 Wellbeing courses and the feedback from the learners is always very positive, and recognition how to look after themselves better. In a few cases the course has highlighted in a number of individuals that need medical intervention has been required. As part of our caring in the community we intend to offer the course to all Apprentices and Adult learners.

Specific course details and content can be found on our website and in the Courses section. Below is summary list of what the course covers.

  • Develop an awareness of mental health
  • Develop an awareness of relationships and sexual health
  • Develop an awareness of substance misuse
  • Personal safety awareness
  • Introductory awareness of the importance of healthy eating and drinking for adults
  • Introduction to alcohol awareness for the individual
  • Dementia awareness
  • Understanding eating disorders
  • Diabetes awareness in health and care
  • Weight management and body image.

If you’re interested in doing the Mental Heath & Wellbeing course contact: [email protected]